Insulation : Zytco High Performance Glass

Different glazing requirements apply to each and every solarium project. This is why Zytco offers you a wide range of high performance glazing, ensuring your residence or business all-season comfort.

Exclusive characteristics:

  • Aesthetically pleasant neutral colour creates a nice natural light inside the room, unlike other high performance glass that permeate the room with a green or bronze colour.

  • Best solar control performance on the market keeps the room cool in summer. Only 18 % of the sun's total BTU enters the room, while maintaining high light transmissions of 24%. Definitely the best ratio of solar control to light transmission on the market.

  • High winter insulation is obtained with its three special coated glasses, argon gas air spaces and warm-edge spacers for maximum winter comfort.

  • Very high level of security is obtained with Super-Iso-Block insulated glass with its three tempered glasses. Each glass is 5 to 6 times stronger than conventional glass and would shatter into small harmless pieces if broken.

  • 97% U.V. protection protects your furniture and floor coverings from discolouring from the sun.

  • Long-term durability, thanks to its double-sealed silicone fabrication which increases insulated durability by up to 300%.

Wide range of high performance glass

Only at St-Laurent,
Laval and Longueuil